Learning opportunities

Our school offers learning opportunities in the following fields of study:

* Engineering, production and construction: Car mechanic, Machine operator , Painter, Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker, 

Facility serviceman, Apprentice Oven Builder, Vehicle technician

* Health and well-being: Care worker, Social and Health Care Specialist, Childminder

* Service: Chef, Cook, Kitchen assistant, WaiterE-commerce specialist, Transport organizer-Logistician, 

Warehouse worker, Rolling-stock locksmith, Railway rolling-stock service technician

* Non-stationary general education



Vehicle technician

Type of studyForm of studyPremise to get startedStudy time
Type of studyVocational education, Level 4Form of studystationary, day studyPremise to get startedBasic education or at least 22-year old without basic educatyion, but with mechanical competencesStudy time180 EKAP, 3 y

Admission conditions: Submitting an application and going through an interview

Studyng: In the Valgamaa Vocational Education Center, a motor vehicle technician can specialize in car engineering, with this study it is requested that the student has the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable him to work in the profession of as car technician and participate in lifelong learning.

The vehicle technician works independently, diagnoses, maintains and repairs various motor vehicles/machines according to repair and maintenance instructions and technical drawings, is responsible for the results of his work.

When working, we follow environmentally friendly work practices, occupational safety and occupational health requirements, and uses materials sparingly. Cooperation and participation in teamwork and supervising other employees within the limits of one's competence are important in the work. The motor vehicle technician behaves in a way that supports mutual communication, uses information technology tools and professional vocabulary in Estonian and English. The acquisition of the specialty takes place at school and in an internship at the company. It is possible to complete an internship in Estonia or an EU member state by applying for the Erasmus+ internship program.

In studyclass, the learner must have personal: work clothes, headgear and  safety shoes

The student may use personal individual protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection. When purchasing personal protective equipment, you must make sure that it has a CE mark, which confirms compliance with important requirements.

Termination: the studies are considered completed if the student passes the professional qualification exam "Vehicle technician, level 4" at the end of the studies; a student who studies the curriculum of vocational secondary education, passes general subjects and receives vocational secondary education at the end of his studies.

Further education opportunities: After graduation, it is possible to continue studying in vocational education "Motor vehicle diagnostics, level 5" or in higher education.

Opportunities on the labor market: a graduate of the study program can start a job in a company engaged in the maintenance and repair of passenger cars, SUVs and vans.